photos - birds

I can't remember exactly when I first took up birdwatching, or 'birding'; probably in the late 1980s. It's hard to describe, especially to a non-birder, the thrill that comes from seeing a particular bird for the first time, or from being able to identify, with reasonable confidence, numerous different species of birds. Most of the bird photos here are fairly recent, as I have only had the telephoto lens for a couple of years. Most of them are also fairly 'local', i.e., around the northern New South Wales coastal area, but there's an occasional shot from some holiday trip.

To start the bird pics going, here are some Godwits on the beach at Ocean Shores, near the mouth of the Brunswick River. The smaller bird in amongst them is a Ruddy Turnstone.

The King Parrot was in a tree on the footpath just opposite home at Ocean Shores. Birds of Byron 1 and Birds of Byron 2 are various photos of local birds.