Place. Places are important to us. Situation, station, location. Where we live, where we grow up. Places to which we travel. A lot of these are travel photos, and a lot are of Istanbul where we spent several years.

It's hard to know where home is at the moment. Home in Australia is Ocean Shores, a small coastal village about 20k north of Byron Bay which is the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. Home in Turkey was Beylerbeyi, a suburb of Istanbul, a village on the Asian side of the Bosphorus just north of the first bridge.


Where to start? Well, let's start with the Princes' Islands. Male. Plural. Possessive. Definitely not 'Princess' as in one of the pamphlets I saw recently. The islands are not far from Istanbul, and we took a boat there recently. The tour guide was John Freely, an American who has been in Istanbul for over 40 years.