The Marmara and the West

Turkey straddles two continents, Europe and Asia. The western part of Turkey lies in Europe, and even Istanbul Turkey's largest city, is on two continents with the Bosphorus splitting the city. In the west, the major city is Edirne, the former Hadrianopolis, or Adrianople. The old synagogue is almost in ruins, but apparently there are plans to restore it. There are three major mosques - Eski Camii (The old mosque), Selimiye Mosque (the mosque built for Selim II), and the Burmali (Spiral) Mosque also known as the 'three balconied' mosque. The last of these is a very unusual mosque, with each of the four minarets being very different from each other. One is spiralled, one has three balconies, and the other are of different patterns.
Also in the west are the Dardanelles, where the Gallipoli campaign took place.